Well, Some say I’m selfish. Some say I’m not. I’m just a busy Leo boy, and this is what I do when I’m not working.

My name is Stefanus Bobby Susanto. People usually call me Bob!. You can call me everything that you like.

Philosophy of Heibob. Well, Hei used as a way of attracting someone’s attention, sometimes in a way that is not very polite: maybe if you look at me on anyplace you just say heibob and i’ll be call you back. hehehe

I am funny, serious sometimes, love humor, flexible, tolerant, ambitious, and easy-going. I can sometimes be so panic about something if I don’t prepare it very well. 

Oh I forgot, I like learning and trying new things, meeting new people, and sharing experiences each other. I’m on trying to love writing, reading, observing, etc.



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